green smoothie for today

This is my today’s post.

I’ve had today my green smoothie which was really green as it can be seen.



Surprisingly, it tasted really good! My twin boy had a full cup of it, we almost competed for it. I might get used to that actually.

Now I am a bit tired as I’ve done 2 Reiki distance healings and put 3 kids to sleep and cooked the whole afternoon. 


Obstacles to living on purpose

Folks from all walks of life share the internal burning desire to find and live their life purpose. People’s need to live on purpose for keeping a healthy psychic is as vital as food is for their biological systems. Even if they don’t recognized this need with the conscious mind there are many messages coming in the form of dreams, intuition or just an un-ease feeling of not having a clear direction.


Recently a study done by RushUniversityMedicalCenter showed that:


“Greater purpose in life may help keep at bay the harmful effects of plaques and tangles associated with Alzheimer’s disease.”


Purpose gives you a strong sense of direction, keeps you focused from distractions and sharpens your vision from day to day. Your life takes on a fresh meaning and you gain a greater sense of responsibility when you live on purpose. But how do we get to live on purpose?


Before answering that question there are some obstacles that might prevent you from living on purpose. Those blocks need to be addressed before attempting any finding or living on purpose because they will stop your progress before even starting.


One of the primary barriers is being Judgmental, which means you tend to adopt a righteous position in many circumstances. It is nothing wrong to feel you are right in one situation, especially if the facts call it but feeling righteous in regards to just about everything will prevent you from accepting new truths.


The Full Cup Syndrome is another difficult state of mind when you want to open to the purpose of your life. That is probably very common among people who studied and trained a lot and feel that nothing new can be added to their knowledge. “You cannot fill a full cup” it’s one of the lines in Avatar and it summarizes what the Full Cup Syndrome is and how it affects your learning steps when you start on the purpose finding path.

There is also the Inner Chat of the Monkey in the mind, Biases, Living in the Future or Past Syndrome.

As a Reiki practitioner I encounter people from all walks of life everyday and I feel their need to live on purpose. Understanding the obstacles to finding our life purpose will help us focus on the answer to overcome them and live a life of purpose

still preparing for the best of health challenge

I guess I’m getting a little nervous about the 1st of July date. As I have a tendency to leave things unfinished … now I already feel accountable because people follow my blog and I feel that I cannot dissapoint them.

In the meantime in my searches I found a 14 days green smoothies challenge very easy to follow so I started it already …

If anyone is interrested to get the link for it I’ll post it, the challenge is free and fairly easy to follow. It gives daily recipe for one green smoothie.

For instance, I had today a smoothie with this ingredients: 3 handfulls of spinach, 1 apple, 1 cup of rasberries and 1 cup of bluberries + water. I replaced some of the berries with a small banana and I expected it to taste crap. But surprise, surprise, it tasted realy palatable and to my biggest surprise my young twins (4yr old) asked for some smoothie. And .. guess what? They asked for more and ended up drinking an impressive 2 small cups each. I was laughing in tears at myself as I’ve been trying and trying to sneak few leaves of green stuff in their smoothies and they would just taste it and turn it down. I couldn’t belive it! Next time I’ll take a picture of them and share it to the world, 4 year olds drinking a bunch of spinach without a blink. It’s worth a million views!


Preparing for the challenge – month 1 challenge

Here it is my first month challenge:

mind – keep a food log book with all the foods/drinks consumed, situations and emotions involved (task for 14 days). I hope to extract from this enough information for learning how to stay on track, what is distracting me from getting where I want to get.

Body – increasing raw food intake to 60 – 80% (I know , I know that;s not really easy to measure and it’s very relative when you say percentages). To do so I’ll aim to have every day a green smoothie and/or green juice. The major issue for me will be to keep eating only one cooked meal per day (either lunch or dinner).

Soul – For the first month into my year of “best health” I challenge myself to write everyday 5 things I’m grateful for. I do belive that we often forget or don’t see the beauty in our lives, the abundance in our lives, the life in our lives. So, I’m trying to prove it for myself and for others that there is an abundance of things we can be grateful for …


As a secondary I will experiment with raw food and other healthy recipes and I’ll post them on the Recipes page. 


Reiki healing and chakra clearing

Reiki healing and chakra clearing

Reiki is an ancient healing practice rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese teacher and healer. It has no religious belief system attached but it is still considered a spiritual practice.

I am a Reiki practitioner trained to Master Level in Healing and I am also trained as Reiki instructor.

I was so amazed by the power of this ancient healing technique that I’ve embraced it myself for the last 3 years.

How to form healthy habits

How do habits form?

Well, it’s been said that “Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.” And this really gets to the core of how habits come to be – which is through repetition.

The more you do something, no matter what that ‘something’ happens to be, the more right and natural it feels to do it

It’s really important to understand that anything you do, positive or negative, can come to feel normal, inevitable and natural if you do it enough times.

Putting a burning cylinder of crushed dried tobacco leaves in your mouth and sucking in 2,000 chemical toxins feels pretty weird and unnatural the first time you do it, but sufficient repetition can make even smoking, unfortunately, feel quite natural and normal.

How much repetition does it take for a new habit to manifest freely?

Just how much repetition do you need to establish a new habit? Some people say you need to do something seven times before the neuronal pathways are nice and clear, to make the habitual road an easier and faster journey, and others say that, of course, it depends on individual differences. Some people will master a guitar piece or a dance routine after just a dozen repetitions while others may need many more for the habit of the new learning to become established.

Psychologist Phillippa Lally recently headed a study which tested how quickly new behaviors, such as exercising mid-morning, or eating fruit every day, became automatic in 96 undergrads with a mean average age of 27. She and her team found that, of the 82 participants who saw the study through to the end, the most common pattern of habit formation was for early repetitions of the chosen behavior to produce the largest increases in automaticity. Over time, further increases in automaticity dwindled, until a plateau was reached beyond which extra repetitions made no further difference to the automaticity achieved.

The average time to reach maximum ‘automaticity’ – by which time the habit was ingrained – was 66 days. However, the range varied greatly between participants, from 18 days to much longer than 66.




Preparing to start the 12 months challenge – part 1

In preparation to my “best health” challenge I started planning how can we afford to eat mostly organic (as we live all 5 of us on 1 income).

I found out that it takes some prepapartion but it can be done. Instead of buying heaps of stuff of which half I chuck to the compost bin, I started buying more consciously. I started planning meals and observing how much food are we actually consuming every week.

I also bought a new dehydrator with rectangle trays (couldn’t afford the Excalibur though) and I’ll start using it today.