still preparing for the best of health challenge

I guess I’m getting a little nervous about the 1st of July date. As I have a tendency to leave things unfinished … now I already feel accountable because people follow my blog and I feel that I cannot dissapoint them.

In the meantime in my searches I found a 14 days green smoothies challenge very easy to follow so I started it already …

If anyone is interrested to get the link for it I’ll post it, the challenge is free and fairly easy to follow. It gives daily recipe for one green smoothie.

For instance, I had today a smoothie with this ingredients: 3 handfulls of spinach, 1 apple, 1 cup of rasberries and 1 cup of bluberries + water. I replaced some of the berries with a small banana and I expected it to taste crap. But surprise, surprise, it tasted realy palatable and to my biggest surprise my young twins (4yr old) asked for some smoothie. And .. guess what? They asked for more and ended up drinking an impressive 2 small cups each. I was laughing in tears at myself as I’ve been trying and trying to sneak few leaves of green stuff in their smoothies and they would just taste it and turn it down. I couldn’t belive it! Next time I’ll take a picture of them and share it to the world, 4 year olds drinking a bunch of spinach without a blink. It’s worth a million views!



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  1. […] still preparing for the best of health challenge ( […]

  2. […] still preparing for the best of health challenge ( […]

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