My Many Roles

My Many Roles

By Elena Constantinescu


Few years ago if someone would have asked what are the many roles I play in my life my list would probably have proudly started with Project Manager.

Nowadays, after having children, the top of my list is “being a mum” and this incorporates all sorts of facets and tasks that I never took into account before having children.

So, here it is how my list looks like:

Being a mum – that incorporates countless of roles like:

Teacher, you are the most important life shaping person in your child life and that is a huge responsibility because you teach them by example

Friend, you get to offer your shoulder to your children for them to talk with you about their problems and thoughts, questions and joys.

Doctor, you get the sleepless nights when your baby, toddler or child has a fever or a runny nose and cough.

Driver, you get the running errands to drop off and pick up children from day care, kinder or school. In addition to that there are the shopping errands to get your family dressed, fed and cleaned. I must confess that the shopping part is the one I hate most as being a time-eater and not getting me any visible satisfaction.

Cook –with young kids you don’t have the luxury to eat whatever it is available in the pantry or fridge. From the age of 6 months when you start doing mashed vegetables and/or fruits you are on a continuous path of developing your cooking skills. With the children growing into toddlers and preschoolers you find yourself cooking more or less 3 times a day 7 days a week.

Cleaner – this is a permanent job (at least until they can start tidying up by themselves by the age of 6-7). There is few times a day scrubbing the table and the floor of all the sticky things that get onto them, there is constant dishwashing (especially if you have 3 or more children) and also constant tidying up, getting the clothes and toys from the floor, laundry and so many other little jobs that I cannot count.

Ruler – you make the rules for your children (the parent who stays most with them). They need a safe and secure environment with enough rules to give them a sense of security but not too many rules to leave them powerless. That balance is so thin that many times I get to do either too much or too little but no one is perfect and we don’t get a parenting license before having children

Student – I’m always learning about parenting, health, cooking and so much more that I need in the art of rising children

Comforter – this is a very important role especially when your infant goes to toddler stage as he starts to explore more and more of the territory. There will be many falls and hurts on the way of learning so you will be required to be very present, loving and caring for your child.

What are the rest of the roles in my life? Hmm, it’s no time to think of them currently but one day I promise I’ll do more about them.

How does your list look like?


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