The Challenge – Day 31 First month finished of my 1 year best of health challenge

Here it is the last day of first month into my 1 year challenge.
I’ll miss the “attitude of gratitude” which I expressed every day for a month but for mow I’ll just keep it for myself.
To sum up, the first month went pretty well with all the green smoothies (which I’ll continue to have every day for the whole year). The food journal helped me to observe overeating – where from is this coming. I’ve noticed 2 major triggers for eating bad food and/or overeating: one is tiredness and the other one is low blood sugar levels. As a mum of 3 kids under the age of 7 I encounter many sleepless nights therefore being tired was the norm for me. Even now, when I’ve realized what is triggering my bad food choices I still cannot avoid being tired (as my mum role is ongoing). However I can chose to sleep next day or whenever I can instead of doing heaps of jobs around the house. With the low blood sugar issue I need to find out more which foods have a lower GI and to eat mostly those.
Even if I’m not yet on top of the world in regard to my health I do feel empowered to make the necessary changes.
So, for next month I will continue with the 200 grams of greens a day and I will eliminate some foods (which I’ll confirm later) and I’ll introduce some new foods healthier. That is for my body. For my soul I will read 3 books in relation to finding life purpose. For my mind I will try to meditate for 20 minutes 5 times a week.

I’m grateful for:
1. finishing up the first month of challenge
2. realizing what is important for me and my family at this time
3. all the slaps in the face I receive from the universe
4. the extraordinary friends that I have in my life
5. inspiration


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