2014 New Year’s resolutions


My first one is

To take it easy and allow things to be. That is to make my life easier by accepting what is coming to me. By doing this I’m trying to cut down the stress levels of everyday living.

My second one is:

to achieve big things by taking in small chunks of action towards a goal (i.e. by applying everyday the 60 seconds decluttering for my bedroom and living room).

This year de -cluttering is still a big one for me. I’m continuing to declutter my house, my emotions, my relationships, my life … Have you realized how hard it is to simplify? Once you’ve achieved a certain level of “stuff” (as in material stuff, emotional or relationships) you keep going with it (even if it makes you sick) and cling to it. When you start decluttering seems to be very hard to get the feeling of “minimalist living” …



“A look ahead: The year of 2014”

That’s what the Angelic Guides say [(ro) este o traducere aicihttp://sfatuitoarea.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/o-privire-mai-departe-anul-2014.html%5D:
“If there is one piece of advice we can give to you for this coming year it would be to believe, allow and receive. There will be many occasions that seem as though your dreams and desires are being thwarted, that there is no possible way for them to manifest given the circumstances you perceive but remember things are not always what they seem to be. If you can remember to simply set your intention and continue to take steps that will surely be placed on your path so that you may manifest your desires here in the physical then you will be amazed at the progress and success you will manifest for yourself this year. Yet if you try to control “how” something is allowed to manifest you will spend much of your time frustrated by your inability to move toward your desired outcome.”

Angelic Guides

2014Today we would like to focus your attention upon the year of 2014.  As many of you know we do not particularly like to give “future predictions” simply because your future is not set; rather it is constantly changing based on the decisions you make in the now moment.  However the “future” energy of the human collective is far more stable than any one individual is.  The reason being is that it is based on the decisions of the masses, rather than simply one individual’s choices.  We will not focus upon events or occurrences, but rather the energy and experiences that will likely manifest continually in each of your lives over the course of this next year;  your calendar year of 2014.

The year of 2013 was heavily focused on transformation and truth, which brought with it many opportunities for you to shed light on beliefs that had long been…

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See only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in others.

Be prepared

Johnsmallman's Blog

The New Year of 2014 has arrived bringing with it an abundance of blessings for all of humanity as you approach ever more closely to the moment of your awakening into Reality.  Let go of your doubts about this and any you may have about God, even about whether He truly exists or not, for they only disconcert you.  Deep within you know that you are forever held in His loving embrace and are shortly to awaken. Focus on the truth of that, the Reality of that, and allow His Love to flow through you to all of humanity uplifting and inspiring you as It does so.

We are all One.  There is no separation.  God is All that there is.  He is His creation and therefore we are all, every one of us without exception, eternally part of or aspects of God.

You, humanity, lost sight of this eternal…

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Top 10 things to stop caring about if you want to be happy

Source: lifehack.org      lifehack.org]


1. What others think

Dance to your own beat. Act dumb. Do whatever you have to but don’t take on board what others think. It’s your life, your decisions and choices. Others love to judge, and why should you care if they do? Only you define yourself, so let them be amused if it makes them happy. When you care too much about that others will say, you live your life for them and not yourself.

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2. Past mistakes

We all make mistakes and mess up in life. That’s just how life goes. Don’t be hard on yourself, though. Accept that everyone gets it wrong sometimes; it’s part of the human condition. You really are allowed to cut yourself some slack. Learn to forgive yourself more often.
3. Failure

The big “F” word that everyone fears. It doesn’t have to be a scary concept, though. Ultimately, it depends on your attitude to failure. If you see failure as not being perfect, you’re going to be permanently miserable. A more realistic idea of failure is giving up. If you haven’t given up, you haven’t failed. See failure as a learning curve, a trial and error process. See failure as your friend – it’s no big deal unless you allow it to be.
4. What you don’t have

The human default position tends to err on the side of lack rather than abundance, which is not conducive to feeling carefree. We focus on what we don’t have and end up feeling thoroughly deprived. What’s the point of that? I often tell my clients to focus on the positives of what they have and the negatives of what they don’t have. Why would you want to torture yourself with all the things you don’t have? That type of thinking will not serve you in any productive way at all. Make a list of all the things in your life that you appreciate. There will always be others with more and others with less. What you have is enough.
5. “What Ifs”

We can drive ourselves crazy worrying about what might happen in the future. No one can predict the future (psychics might dispute this), and there is no point in torturing yourself unnecessarily about things that may never come to pass. Remind yourself that this type of worry is wasted energy and distract yourself. Face worry head on – if you can do something in the present moment, go for it. If not, distract yourself and ‘shelve’ the worries.
6. “I’ll be happy when…” thoughts

When we believe that we will be happy once something has happened, we effectively put our life on hold until the event happens. Wishing your current life is away is a precious waste of happy moments in life. Be in the moment more and care less about being happy in the future. Decide to be happy now. Happiness is not a destination, it is a manner of traveling.
7. Regrets

Regret is a part of life. The past cannot be undone, so it pays to look at what you have done in life philosophically. Did you learn something from it? If you learned never to do it again or to try a different approach, then you’ve ended up with a positive result. Accept what has gone before, make allowances for human error and move on.
8. Rejection

Many of us are so afraid of rejection that we stay in our comfort zones and never risk true intimacy. Wear your heart on your sleeve and risk being vulnerable. The more you hide out of fear, the greater the fear will grow. Show yourself that you can express your feelings and live with the consequences. You will conquer fear of rejection in this way and feel more carefree. Even if the outcome is not as expected, you will soon realize that it wasn’t as bad as you anticipated and that you can deal with it. Be a little more thick skinned, be brave and see life as an adventure.
9. Society’s expectations

Be thin, be beautiful. Show off your wealth and status and then you’ll be adored. What nonsense. When you like and accept yourself as you are, you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Don’t buy into the constant media images of perfection. Most of the images are airbrushed and lead us to believe that we should all look as perfect. Try not to take it to heart. We all like to see perfect images, but don’t lose sight of the fact that most of it is digitally enhanced and not natural. Love yourself, imperfections and all. Self acceptance is true freedom.
10. Being good enough

It’s easy to feel that we don’t measure up somehow. We live in a competitive world. It’s okay and even healthy to want to improve and grow as a person. It becomes unhealthy, though, when we internalize negative ideas about how we aren’t good enough. Always challenge this type of thinking. What is “good enough”? Where is the international rule book that clarifies what “good enough” is? As long as you feel happy with who you are, where you are and how far you have come, that is all that matters.

We all worry unnecessarily and create inner misery for ourselves. Remember the above ten points, as they are definitely items you can immediately remove from your worry list. Hopefully you’ll feel a little lighter and a little more carefree too!

Nourishing Our Children, Nourishing Ourselves

It’s not much to say other that I agree …
I’m putting together a list of top Superfoods (the food and the medicine of the future) and their benefits … come back soon.

Sofa King Next Level

In some of my posts you may have noticed that I encourage high-fat eating, and that I discourage consuming grains and sugars. If you want a great primer on this historically proven diet for best health, look no further than this San Francisco website Nourishing Our Children.  As you can see from the image above (reproduced with permission), they have inverted the traditional food pyramid and put meats and fats at the base instead of the apex – and fruits, grains and vegetables at the apex instead of the base. Whaaaaaat?


  • YES to organic/biodynamic pastured animal products especially the fat and organ meats, eggs and raw dairy.
  • YES to wild-caught salmon and small oily cold-water fish like sardines and mackerel.
  • YES to other good organic fats like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado and soaked nuts (but nuts in moderation).
  • YES to organic fermented…

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Breaking Down Cancer’s Defence Mechanisms

Breaking Down Cancer’s Defence Mechanisms.

Everyday Cancer Prevention Tips

Eat Heal Love

Everyday Cancer Prevention Tips

Two years ago today, my father lost his battle to cancer. I can’t believe it’s been two entire years. I often hear from others who have lost a loved one that it can often feel like it just happened, and it’s true. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think about him. Despite the personal health challenges I have faced in my life, he was in fact my true motivation for going back to school to become a holistic nutritionist.

In memory of him, here is a little post I wrote about things we can do every day to help prevent this terrible disease. Cancer is a multifaceted illness with no singular direct cause, but perhaps by following some of the tips below we can help protect ourselves from this deadly illness.

According to statistics, only 5–10% of all cancer cases can be…

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