2014 New Year’s resolutions


My first one is

To take it easy and allow things to be. That is to make my life easier by accepting what is coming to me. By doing this I’m trying to cut down the stress levels of everyday living.

My second one is:

to achieve big things by taking in small chunks of action towards a goal (i.e. by applying everyday the 60 seconds decluttering for my bedroom and living room).

This year de -cluttering is still a big one for me. I’m continuing to declutter my house, my emotions, my relationships, my life … Have you realized how hard it is to simplify? Once you’ve achieved a certain level of “stuff” (as in material stuff, emotional or relationships) you keep going with it (even if it makes you sick) and cling to it. When you start decluttering seems to be very hard to get the feeling of “minimalist living” …



3 Responses

  1. I think those are good goals, mostly because mine are similar. I think that the process of de-cluttering is emotional the way cluttering is. We are in a certain state of mind to clutter in the first place. The chaos we feel inside and the stress is reflective of the clutter we display outwardly. It is the ultimate cry for help. Our excuses in putting it off is because we can’t sort through our personal and emotional clutter. When we get to a place where we are ready to get rid of the clutter it is because we absolutely want a change. We want to get rid of the stress and baggage. Trust me, I completely understand and it is also on my to do list. Unfortunately most of my clutter in home is my husband’s and I know he has some deep internal struggles, but that has spilled over to me. *sigh*

    • Thank you for your comment!
      So true!
      It is also true that one cannot sort out the emotional clutter of someone else.
      The only thing we can do for others is to set the example and refrain from pushing them towards the direction we think it’s right.

      Have a blessed day!


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