Karma, the Great Equilizer

Awakening Journey


I never really believed in karma until I saw it in action after the rise of my Kundalini and beginning my ascension practice. What I observed basically taught me my life lessons.  Earlier in my life, I had engaged in behaviors and actions that I am not very proud of, and I always thought I could get away with things.  After observing karma in action, I am thinking, behaving, and acting very differently in my life now.

In my job, I encountered several people who were engaged in lying, manipulation, bullying, and taking advantage of others. In the course of time I have been at my job about two years, all these individuals have lost their jobs.  Although I was at the receiving end of some of these hurtful behaviors and manipulations, I was not involved in the decision that caused these individuals to lose their jobs.  Some of these…

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