Letting Go of Expectations of Outcome

Awakening Journey


Last night, I was contemplating about my future and what is to come for my life.  I asked my higher self this question, and interestingly, the answer I heard was, “don’t have any expectations of outcome for your life.”  This does not mean that we should not care about our future, our goals, our career paths, our wish to get married or have a family.

We should have goals, dreams, and hopes.  It just means to give our very best efforts in our endeavors and send our intentions into the Universe. Then allow the outcomes of our lives to come naturally, and accept those outcomes even if they are not what we expect.

When we have expectations of outcome, it really is an illusion.  We cannot control the free wills of others.  For example, if we are applying for a job, we cannot force others to hire us as there…

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