Are Super-Intelligent Aliens Hiding Within Our Atoms?

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20140215-173703.jpgOkay, so that headline sounds pretty off-the-wall, and considering it?s a Daily Grail headline then you know it?s pretty weird! But that?s exactly the question put forward by artificial intelligence researcher Hugo de Garis, who wonders whether the advanced artificial intelligences of extremely old alien civilisations might end up harnessing the vast computational power offered by sub-atomic elements, a hypothetical technology he labels ?X-Tech?:

X-Tech provides a potential solution to the Fermi Paradox (?where are all the nonhuman civilizations??) ? maybe they?re not out there living on other planets, but rather living inside atoms and particles! Perhaps we should be looking inside ?elementary? particles because creatures constructed at these tiny scales would operate hugely faster, at far greater densities, and with vastly superior performance levels. We may need a paradigm shift away from outer space to inner space, from SETI to SIPI ? the Search for Infra Particle Intelligence!

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