Three exercises for Clearing and Balancing Chakras

Three exercises for Clearing and Balancing Chakras

Three experiences for your soul

For all exercises: Sit or lay down comfortably. Take 3 deep, relaxing breaths realizing you inhale new fresh energy and exhale used and diseased energy.


1. Every morning for 3-5 minutes just sit down relaxed (maybe on the side of your bed) and close your eyes and imagine or visualize a white light coming from above and going into your Crown Chakra and also surrounding you as a halo. You need to know that this light is both healing and protecting and it will keep you protected for 24 hours.

2. Every night before going to bed take 5 minutes and do this exercise: imagine or visualize first your basic chakra as a red ball of energy, inside the ball there is a light source emanating light. Look around the ball and identify any dark or black spots allow the light to intensify until all the dark/black spots are cleared and the energy ball is shining nicely red. Do the same exercise for all the chakras. Their colors are: basic – red, sacral – orange, solar plexus- yellow, heart – green, throat – blue, third eye – indigo (dark blue/violet), Crown – purple.


3. Do this exercise 2 times this week, first time go backwards from the present moment and the second time go forwards from the farthest moment in your life which you can remember.

Go on a journey through your life moments remembering all the uncomfortable, sad, upsetting moments. You need to go also to any moment when you had an important argument with someone or when you got upset with someone (and you still are). Re-live the moment and release the person by forgiving the person and forgiving yourself (and all other people involved). As I understand that in your life might be moments extremely traumatic if you accept that moment as an experience and forgive people the people involved you then can move forward and live a better life.
What we don’t know is that any anger, resentment, upset, unforgiveness, etc eats up our life energy, our positive energy and ties us up to the person who did the harm to us in a very unhealthy way. If you have enough traumatic moments in your life and you don’t release them then your body can get so weak that the disease will appear.
You don’t have to agree to the harm other people did to you but you need to release them and yourself to live the life you can live.

I recommend doing it both backwards and then forward because is amazing how many new moments you can find when you go the other way around.

I wish you luck with your new discovered freedom.
If you have any questions or comments feel free to send them to me to my email address

Copyright @ healthnutmum July 2013

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Three exercises for Clearing and Balancing Chakras.




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