Is Wild Rice Paleo?

The Paleo Diet Food List

wild rice2

Wild rice is commonly associated with the Midwest, and many kids learn about it when studying the foods European settlers discovered upon arriving in the Americas. Just because this ancient food is older than the U.S., doesn’t mean it’s Paleo! Let’s take a look.

What is Wild Rice?

Differentiating between grains and seeds can get pretty confusing – quinoa is a seed, rice is a seed, but cornmeal and whole-wheat flour are grains. Sunbutter and sesame seeds are more than okay, but just because wild rice is technically a seed doesn’t automatically make it Paleo.

Is Wild Rice Paleo?

No, wild rice is not technically Paleo. It does have a much better nutritional profile than both white and brown rice, and it is high in protein. However, much like brown rice, it does have a higher concentration of anti-nutrients. If you can’t give up rice, it is recommended that you…

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