Rise vibration by dietary changes

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Research shows that human body is not adapted to consume refined and chemically altered foods, the staples in human diet today. It is very common to have overfed bodies with undervalue food. Thus, cutting out the big 5 white killers of our bodies: white flour, white sugar, table salt, meat and dairy products, would help raise body’s vibration.

White wheat flour has no fiber and also has a high content of wheat and gluten. Moreover, according to some studies, there are as many as 60% of population sensitive to wheat/gluten.

White sugar and is highly addictive and disturb immune function in the body.
The chemicals used as anti-calking agents in table salt are far from natural and they might be harmful as some studies suggest. In addition to that, salt in excess might make the body susceptible to water retention.
Meat is another much disputed subject as many people would say it provides much-needed protein. Yes, it does but it also provides remnant antibiotics and growth hormones used to push the production up.
Cow’s milk use  is to feed what? You guess it, a calf. Also, through pasteurization any enzymes are destroyed. As for calcium, a bunch of Kale has better quality calcium than a glass of milk.

Love and light