Another year has passed – part II

Looking at the feed backs from Facebook it sounds  … like I’m complaining, shedding tears on my own shoulder for myself.

I probably did just that and … it’s not true my 2014 didn’t mean only worries and stress. As a friend pointed out I missed the fun part, the beautiful part …

So, on the upside, I’ve had the best holiday ever during 2014. One month holiday it was a dream coming true. In addition to that I feel really blessed when I think I spent the one month holiday with the people who matter most in my life, my husband of 20 years and my 3 children. And i have to admit that every time I feel down I go back to my memories of sunny days, full of laugh and joy from the holiday.

Apart from this experience I feel truly blessed thinking about all the kindness I’ve met this year. Family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers have been kind and added quality to my life all the way through the year.

It was in actual fact a hard but good year as I cannot imagine how I could go through the day sometimes without the support of others.

As a last note … I do feel blessed because it was possible to stay at home and watch kids grow. There are so many great memories of family togetherness and so many extraordinary moments I spent with my children that … I can say it was really an extraordinary year of my life, different than others …


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