Paleo/Gaps/SCD – week 3 journey


Another week has passed and we get more settled into the routine.

However we had a few setbacks this week as my IBD son got bloody diarrhea and nausea and my other son got diarrhea  as well. I am not sure what could cause that but it surely bothered me much. It is heart breaking to do all the effort to eat grain free and to get this after 3 weeks.

I decided to do a proper intro GAPS as we cruised straight into full GAPS/Paleo.

As for me I can report some great improvements:

– my PMS was almost gone this month (and I suffered from distressing symptoms starting 2 weeks before menstruation)

– my energy levels are pretty good

– and the best thing is I’m still caffeine free (except for the very occasional decaff when out with a friend).

– it is amazing that even just before menstruation I didn’t feel the urge to pig on chocolate and other sweets … in fact I don’t feel the craving at all … neither the children.

-my husband who is not doing the full diet still asks for something sweet but I usually offer dates with almond butter …

This pretty much were we are at after 3 weeks on GAPS, not much improvement for Ulcerative Colitis (rather some setback), no asthma symptoms for my son (and no medication at all), good energy and steady mood for myself (but no weight loss – I’m perimenopausal so my hormones are playing, maybe that’s why).

Love and Light,



Reiki benefits research


Reiki benefits research

  1. Some Reiki research outcome in a nutshell
    Since late 90s a number of studies and trials have been completed about Reiki usefulness in improving quality of life for chronically or critically ill patients.
    Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine published in 1998 a research about “Effects of Reiki on pain and selected affective and personality variables of chronically ill patients”. At the end of the 10 biweekly Reiki sessions, there was recorded a significantly reduced pain, depression and anxiety. Moreover, the follow up at three moths demonstrated that Reiki treatments have a lasting effect6.
    One research done in 2003 into reducing cancer’s patients’ pain 3 concluded that there is evidence Reiki might improve quality of life and also improve pain management in people receiving chemo.
    Similarly, a pilot crossover trial of Reiki versus rest for treating cancer related fatigue was performed in 2007. The group of patients receiving Reiki was compared with the group who rest for one hour a day, the timeframe required to receive a full body Reiki treatment. The results of the trial showed significant change in all areas pre and post treatment in the Reiki group and no significant change in the resting group. The benefits of Reiki treatment where associated to anxiety, fatigue and pain and they appeared to last longer than 7 days after the last session was carried out.
    Also, a study on the “Effects of Reiki Therapy on Pain and Anxiety in Patients Attending a Day Oncology and Infusion Services Unit” 4 , was published in October 2011 in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. It pointed once again to the relaxation effects of the Reiki sessions. The anxiety score decreased greatly after four sessions and general improvement in wellbeing, pain relief and sleep quality were the quoted by the participants receiving Reiki.
    Similarly, there is another study done on “Integrative Reiki for Cancer patients” appeared in Integrative Cancer Therapies in 2014 5 which concluded that Reiki treatment significantly reduced distress, anxiety, depression pain and fatigue in patients who received Reiki healing. A high percentage of participants liked the Reiki session and considered it helpful.
    Likewise, other research studies showed reduction in anxiety, pain and depression in people receiving Reiki treatment.
    In addition, research on Reiki treatments for patients with adrenal fatigue or burnout syndrome, confirmed reduction in patients’ sympathetic activity and increase in body temperature as well as a relaxation effect.
    A research study completed by Hartford Hospital in Connecticut US point to improved patients sleep, reduction in pain and nausea and massive reduction in anxiety during pregnancy 7.
    An Australian research from Solaris centre in Perth, reports on complementary therapies including Reiki. The report shows improvement in quality of life and symptom control for touch based complementary therapy on cancer patients8.
    In a nutshell, so far Reiki treatments emerge as favorable in:
    • Reduction of anxiety and depression induced by medical procedures in chronic conditions
    • Alleviate pain and inducing better pain relief together with the medical treatment
    • Reduction of stress by promoting relaxation
    • Blood pressure reduction
    • Reduction of fatigue in cancer patients
    • Overall wellbeing elevation in Reiki practitioners
    Although the research completed to date was conducted in small groups and shows some variability, there is promising indication that Reiki treatment is useful as a complementary therapy in chronic conditions. It can help lower the stress, promote relaxation and reduce pain in patients.
  2. What’s next?
    USA today reported in a 2007 article that 15% of the US hospitals offer Reiki sessions as a regular part of their patient services 1. More and more prestigious hospitals in US and around the world started to recognize the value in adding complementary therapies to the medical protocol. Countries like US, Australia, Germany, and Switzerland introduced Reiki therapy in some of the hospitals. There is still a long way until the day you can be offered energy therapy in addition to the conventional treatment in just about every major hospital. However, more people than ever are looking into touch therapies as an adjuvant to conventional medication or surgery.
    According to some sources, a survey conducted in 2007 in US, indicated that in the year before more than 1 million adults and more than 150,000 children received energy healing like Reiki.2
    One interesting aspect to be noted in the research on Reiki, is that it shows very positive promise in enhancing wellbeing when self done. That means, anyone can learn Reiki 1, the beginner stage and benefit greatly from self treating every day.
    The studies had done up to now point to Reiki as a potentially excellent ally for chronic pain relief, management of stress, anxiety and depression reduction. There is indeed a need for larger studies but no one can count on them happening soon. Because Reiki energy cannot be encapsulated in a pill and patented to get millions of dollars profit. Thus, you are left with the choice: to give it a try and believe the small research trials done so far or to turn your head and walk away on your other choice path. Either way it will be your choice.

Ramblings about Paleo/SCD/Gaps diet


We are in the middle of week 3 now and things seem to start settle. We seem to get used of the idea that it is nothing available for us to eat in the outside world.

The thing that bothers me most is the socializing … which is great and I want it in our lives but it comes with its price.

Of course in the next 3 weeks we have some kind of party every week … the universe just wants to test us once again. We’ll see if there is enough determination to make us go past 3 events in a row with no or minimum slippage.

I will endeavor to prepare a “healthier choice” for the sweet part of the party and we’ll try to create a meal from what the restaurants have to offer. This whole thing translates to me in preparing a raw or cooked cake every week for the next 3 weeks and get some bits and pieces from home: like salad dressing, tomato sauce … and (AGAIN) a filing snack or two for the children just in case if they feel really hungry (which won’t be a new thing).

There is not much hunger once you get used to it but sometimes it’s just plainly frustrating if you are out and about. We basically had to come back home every singe day for lunch.

Also, I can say it is at least “interesting” to  go against the wave. That is an isolating experience because all of a sudden you lose conversation subjects or even worse you try to convince your friend that “the food pyramid” is not the most balanced way of eating … and you lose friends. Slowly, slowly you stop opening your mouth to talk about your lifestyle and become disinterested in what they are talking about (I mean food wise).

Most of the proponents of Paleo (at least) lifestyle say it’s an easy choice but I’m not sure if that refers to the eating in itself or the whole social experience.

I, personally, can say that I’m sick of people feeling sorry for us due to our restricted diet … to eat this way is just plainly easier than most people believe. It’s just … I feel isolated and I found it difficult to find like minded people around me.

Paleo/SCD/GAPS – week 2


So another week has passed. I can say that is much easier to go full Paleo/GAPS rather than play with 80/20 percent. You just have a clear direction and can focus better on what’s available to eat. I’m thinking … maybe later on we could do a 100 raw trial for a few months (I have played with high raw for a long time now but I found it difficult and annoying to keep track of what high raw is (70-90%) from what you eat.

For this week, here are the pluses:

-getting more and more ideas of meals

-we seem to eat a much more varied diet now that we excluded grains

-excellent sleep (woke up before alarm at 6 am)


-more energy (although the energy is a bit variable during the day)

-almost no craving for sweets, no craving for chocolate or for other sugary things

-kids don;t ask for sweets anymore

– kids actually eat greens and salads! (I still cannot believe that)

The minuses:

– everyone in the family seems to experience a bit of a healing crisis (actually that is a positive but last week it didn’t seem like that)


-my sons got some skin rashes

-my daughter vomited one morning

– still issues having a snack on hand for kids

– a lot of cooking … and I mean A LOT! It’s going to  be fun if I start working …

I’ll come back in about a week time with more news on our paleolithic progress.

Love and light


Week 1 on Paeo/GAPS/SCD


Ok, we are doing the GAPS/Paleo for 2 months as a family to see if there is any positive change in my son’s IBD.

After the first week I want to write down the pluses and the minuses.

So, on the positive side:

– I have so much more energy (I’ve also eliminated coffee) … I never though I’ll get it back

– our sleep is definitely improved

– I feel more calm and it seems that my depression is gone

– I don’t feel overwhelmed by the tasks I have to do

– No more cravings for sweets (yeee!)

-my son’s BM got better initially for about 4 days and then they got worse (I expect the die off period)

The negative side:

– many trips to the toilet (I never thought there is so much food in my body that needs to be processed)

– constant semi-hungry

– the greens fill you up very fast but you feel like you’d care to eat some concentrated form of food/carbohydrate.

– The meals and the snacks are difficult because you have to improvise

– I’m always caught on the wrong foot so to speak when it comes to snacks … as my kids seem to be hungry almost all the time.

– I didn;t lose any gram of weight despite going to gym/fitness 4- days a week.

Anyway, overall I feel we are heading in the right direction. I am still to reorganize the pantry … I ‘ll try to post some photos after.

Love and light