Paleo/SCD/GAPS – week 2


So another week has passed. I can say that is much easier to go full Paleo/GAPS rather than play with 80/20 percent. You just have a clear direction and can focus better on what’s available to eat. I’m thinking … maybe later on we could do a 100 raw trial for a few months (I have played with high raw for a long time now but I found it difficult and annoying to keep track of what high raw is (70-90%) from what you eat.

For this week, here are the pluses:

-getting more and more ideas of meals

-we seem to eat a much more varied diet now that we excluded grains

-excellent sleep (woke up before alarm at 6 am)


-more energy (although the energy is a bit variable during the day)

-almost no craving for sweets, no craving for chocolate or for other sugary things

-kids don;t ask for sweets anymore

– kids actually eat greens and salads! (I still cannot believe that)

The minuses:

– everyone in the family seems to experience a bit of a healing crisis (actually that is a positive but last week it didn’t seem like that)


-my sons got some skin rashes

-my daughter vomited one morning

– still issues having a snack on hand for kids

– a lot of cooking … and I mean A LOT! It’s going to  be fun if I start working …

I’ll come back in about a week time with more news on our paleolithic progress.

Love and light



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