Ramblings about Paleo/SCD/Gaps diet


We are in the middle of week 3 now and things seem to start settle. We seem to get used of the idea that it is nothing available for us to eat in the outside world.

The thing that bothers me most is the socializing … which is great and I want it in our lives but it comes with its price.

Of course in the next 3 weeks we have some kind of party every week … the universe just wants to test us once again. We’ll see if there is enough determination to make us go past 3 events in a row with no or minimum slippage.

I will endeavor to prepare a “healthier choice” for the sweet part of the party and we’ll try to create a meal from what the restaurants have to offer. This whole thing translates to me in preparing a raw or cooked cake every week for the next 3 weeks and get some bits and pieces from home: like salad dressing, tomato sauce … and (AGAIN) a filing snack or two for the children just in case if they feel really hungry (which won’t be a new thing).

There is not much hunger once you get used to it but sometimes it’s just plainly frustrating if you are out and about. We basically had to come back home every singe day for lunch.

Also, I can say it is at least “interesting” to  go against the wave. That is an isolating experience because all of a sudden you lose conversation subjects or even worse you try to convince your friend that “the food pyramid” is not the most balanced way of eating … and you lose friends. Slowly, slowly you stop opening your mouth to talk about your lifestyle and become disinterested in what they are talking about (I mean food wise).

Most of the proponents of Paleo (at least) lifestyle say it’s an easy choice but I’m not sure if that refers to the eating in itself or the whole social experience.

I, personally, can say that I’m sick of people feeling sorry for us due to our restricted diet … to eat this way is just plainly easier than most people believe. It’s just … I feel isolated and I found it difficult to find like minded people around me.


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