Update – 30 days into GAPS/Paleo/SCD journey


Today we mark our first month on this journey.

We have started the full GAPS without doing the intro and this, I think, might have sabotaged our progress. However, I feel there is no way at this stage to do a full GAPS intro as my frustrated children (and their parents) are barely coping with the full version of it.

I have tried introducing a new multi-strain probiotic for my IBD son and he experienced sever die-off reactions making his Ulcerative Colitis much worse, getting him very irritable and emotional as well with some tummy pain.

I put him in a detox bath last night (a bath with bicarbonate soda, epsom salt, ginger and some fresh mint plus 1 tablespoon coconut oil) and he slept well but had a short episode of night terror.

As for the rest of us: my twins seem to experience a lot of mucus with no other signs of flu. Vitamin C and high strength fish oil help but don’t relieve it completely. As a result, my younger son along with his mother had a pretty rough night last night with mucus and the scare of another major asthma attack. The nigh eventually passed fairly uneventful but I freaked out a little bit and re-started his asthma preventers in the morning.

Surprisingly I am not doing it great either as it seems like all my previous issues came back with full speed all at once. So, I have experienced lately: reflux, various abdominal pains that have been my struggle in the past, chest pain (that granted me an EKG and a visit to the doctors plus other medical tests — all clear apparently). On top of everything I have experienced “blues” again like I was in my dark depression days.

Despite of all the troubles we experience I still believe this diet is the way to go. If our bodies react so strong when we remove the toxins … then we must have lots of toxins.

Anyway, for now I just feel comfortable to stick with it. I hope in a couple of months we can do a proper intro diet to allow faster healing in the gut.

That’s pretty much the news for now.

Love and light,



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