The Hathors via Tom Kenyon – Earth’s Magnetic Field, Consciousness – 2-23-15

Higher Density Blog

Tom Kenyon

The Hathors: The Earth’s Magnetic Field And Consciousness. Received by Tom Kenyon, 02/20/2015, Taken from

The magnetic field of Earth is involved in a perturbation or morphing. This is taking place inter-dimensionally, and the net effect is incremental surges in amplitude or strength of the magnetic field. This morphing of earth’s magnetic field is like a wave that rises and falls very quickly, and the oscillations are minute, but distinct.

This is having a very strange effect upon human consciousness, specifically your biological experience. Many people are experiencing an increase of exhaustion and weariness. (these symptoms are also caused by movements of energies from deep space as they pass through your galaxy and your solar system.)

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