Our journey Paleo/Gaps/SCD – 2.5 months update


My son is not doing great as he seems to revert back to a little fare of his IBD (Ulcerative Colitis).

As I feel a little depressed and edgy about this situation I have decided to add back in some rice to see how we go for the next 4 weeks. Then after Easter hopefully going back to full Paleo/Gaps won’t be too difficult.

I make this change mostly for my sanity with the meals planning and lunch boxes. The children are pretty content with whatever life throws as them. As we all know they are more resilient than adults (maybe because they don’t get insomnia over what’s next for lunch box or for dinner).

So, for now this is the news. I will hang in there as I am confident food is medicine and whatever disease started in the gut can heal there too. I just need to figure out how to customize better the diet to fit the exact needs of my son. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading and walking with us on this journey.

Light and blessings


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Sample Paleo/Gaps/SCD lunchbox

I was thinking about my struggles to come up with great lunchboxes ideas while doing the GAPS/SCD and I decided to publish some of my lunchbox ideas. Now that it got easier for me maybe I can help others in need.

So here it is my today lunch box idea:

Lunch: organic plain beef sausages and cut up vegetables.

Fruit: Nectarine and mandarin

Snack: Homemade jelly and homemade banana muffins.


Recipe for banana muffins:


– 4 tbs almond butter

– 4 tbs coconut four

– 4 eggs

– 2 tsp vanilla extract

– 2 tsp cinnamon powder

– 1/3 tsp nutmeg

– 1 heaped tsp stevia granules

– 1 tbs sunflower flower (made at home in coffee grinder)

– 1tsp baking soda

– 1 tsp baking powder (allergy free).


Heat the oven at 200 C.

In a medium bowl mix up all the ingredients ( I have used a mixer) until nice an smooth.

Pour into the muffins’ forms or into a cake form (I have used both forms today and both muffins and the cake came out great).

As a variation I have used on muffins a bit of Cocoa in the last tbs of mixture and swirled it into the muffins.

Enjoy! Live well! Don’t stress!


Our journey Paleo/GAPS?SCD – 2 months

Copy of DSC07016

We passed the 2 months mark on the healing path.

I think the biggest improvement so far is that it’s easier to eat this way.

It even starts to feel natural.

The children are more settled in with our new way of life and life in genera gets easier. My son’s IBD seems to be healing although there is a lot of variability in his symptoms. All in all it seems ok. He had a few times formed BM and he is basically pain free.. I am still bothered by the slowness of the process and my brain is racing to find a customization of the diet to put him on a speed recovery path. However, I want him to heal not to get into depressive shock due to food restriction. Therefore I think we’ll stick with the diet as it is for now (a mix between full GAPS and full SCD).

My other children seem to benefit from it too. My little son doesn’t have any asthma symptoms so far despite of Melbourne weather which is notoriously variable. My daughter didn’t get any rash in the last 6 weeks and she seems to complain less of tummy pain.

I didn’t lose weight but my appetite went down (which is a bonus). I keep going 5 days a week to the gym and I feel ok.

Currently I feel very tired with no apparent reason as I get 8 hours of sleep a night. I am not sure if that is from the diet, from my changing hormones, etc.

That is all for now.

Love and light


Contraceptive Pill linked with delayed fertility

Contraceptive Pill linked with delayed fertility

By Elena Constantinescu

The Pill – to take or not to take?

Many women face fertility issues when they decide to have a baby and stop all forms of contraception. Could infertility be connected to the pill?

As with everything there are two views of the story. On the one hand proponents of the contraceptive pill tend to deny any link between the problematic fertility and the use of the pill. On the other hand, many voices speak up to warn about the potential fertility problems after using contraceptive pill.

Research shows that contraceptive pill could have infertility or delayed fertility implications.

Contraceptive pill fertility research

Despite of the importance of this topic, to date, very little actual research has been done to pinpoint the difference between fertility in women in the same age group who used or didn’t use contraceptive pill.

One study conducted by Stephen Killick at Hull Royal Infirmary shows that women who were on pill took twice longer to become pregnant than those who used condoms only.

About 70% of former contraceptive pill users became pregnant within six months after stopping the contraception. Therefore, this might suggest that it takes time to re-balance hormones and the effects of the pill can play ovaries from releasing eggs normally for months.

The research published in the Human Reproduction journal suggests the fertility might be delayed in women taking the pill. It appears that the longer a woman has been on the pill the longer will take her to conceive.

According to the same study there are certain groups that are exposed to a greatest infertility risk when taking the pill: over 35s, having irregular periods, being overweight.


The condoms – safer alternative for fast conceiving

According to Kilick’s research of 2200 women, the condom users conceived, on average in about three and a half months while pill users took an average six months. While this appear to be only a sight delay people need to remember that this is “on average”. Some women took 2 years to get pregnant after stopping using condoms but the pill women number who took two years to conceive is double.

Safety of synthetic hormones

Last but not least when considering your contraception options are the long term safety and side effects in using synthetic hormones. First thing to consider is that synthetic hormones are exactly that “synthetic” and do not fit the human’s body biology entirely. The side effects cited on some sources are: increased risk of breast and cervical cancer, high blood pressure, menstruation irregularities, miscarriages and yeast overgrown to name a few. Whilst the hormonal contraception is convenient to use you need to weight all the pros and cons before deciding what the best approach for your particular case is.