Recipe 52 – Raw breakfast for children

Recipe 52 – Raw breakfast for children.


After 3 months on Paleo/GAPS/SCD


Currently we are not on GAPS due to family pressureand other factors to be considered.

However, after we finished this round of GAPS I have done a comprehensive blood tests for my IBD son.

The results were: hemoglobin within normal limits (although iron reserve still a bit low), ESR normal, CRP 10 (still a bit elevated but not near the results of 50 or 90 that we got before), Copper within normal limits. The Copper results are the most pleasing ones as we have struggled with Copper toxicity for the last 4 years. That has been a concern for me as chelation was out of discussion for a child and we only used Zinc supplementation to chelate Copper (with no success).

Because we haven’t done anything different (and supplementation we kept it at a minimum during the GAPS months), I tend to believe that this spectacular rezult was due to Paleolithic lifestyle we have adopted in January 2015.

Now, I’m trying to get in the mood to restart in a couple of weeks and hopely this time we’ll be able to stay on it at least until January 2016.

I’ll keep you posted.

Love and blessings



With dedication for my dear friend, Mihaela

Awakening Journey

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Why is it that some people make you feel awful just by being around them? Often, it’s an energy thing. Their energy field can bring you down.

Worse, it can happen that their bad energy follows you. It clings to you. You can’t seem to shake the creepy or depressed feelings or the physical symptoms–like cold skin or a dull headache–that come from having been near them.

When I was young, I knew a woman who was an invasive hugger, but what she gave others with her hugs wasn’t the warm fuzzies! She gave ice. Auric ice. She made me cold to my core, and from the tip of every hair to the center of every cell. An energy vampire of expert skill, she drained the life force from everyone she touched and she…

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Noi Confirmari-Aprilie 2015

Daniel Gaucan- Spirit Liber


Despre urmatoarea perioada ( pentru cei avizati)
Dragi ascensionati, sunteti anuntati prin channeling sa eliberati toate resturile de negativitati din celule, pentru ca urmatoarea perioada dintre 4 si 9 aprilie energiile va vor activa toate ramasitele lasate neeliberate din celule . Se insista si pe eliberarea tuturor juramintilor facute in alte vieti ( de casatorie, de tribunal, de medicina, de armata sau de politie, de a nu mai dori sot/ sotie, de saracie, de castitate, etc, etc), a tuturor gandurilor potrivnice voua insiva sau celorlalti, a tuturor emotiilor negative. Nimic negativ nu poate fi dus cu noi in noua dimensiune. Deci, toate bagajele negative trebuie lasate jos din toate celule noastre , pentru ca acestea sa fie umplute cu lumina noii dimensiuni,
Ne previn maestrii ascensionati ca, dupa 4 aprilie vom materializa instantaneu sau la interval de maxim 1-2 zile, iar tot ceea ce gandim trebuie sa fie benefic noua…

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