The food we eat


Recently I have been doing a lot of thinking about the food we eat (or don’t for that matter).

Being frustrated on a restricted diet is not the best emotion one can have. In a world of artificial everything (from light to breasts) no one can expect the food to stay whole and natural. Therefore, the offers of taste enhancers, fast food, deep fried food and so on will be there as long as the opportunity exists, as long as people will consume these. So, getting back to frustration, how can you handle it? The trick is indeed to focus on good whole food you can eat and like. In addition to that, if you have a bit of cooking adventure in your blood (like me) you can create your own versions of treats but using real food.


My cooking adventure bug “forced” me today to create (I got my inspiration from here: these colorful candies which are in the dehydrator but I can’t wait to taste them.

If they taste divine (as the batter did) I’ll be back with a recipe.

The secret ingredient in them? Sweet potato.



Light and blessings



Your Angel Messages for May 11 – 17 from Doreen Virtue

Forever Unlimited

Your Angel Messages for May 11 – 17 from Doreen Virtue

Here are your Angel Messages for this week:

We’re still in the intense roller-coaster energy cycles, but this week looks better than last week.

The week begins with optimism and reasons to smile. You may get overly busy mid-week, and it’s important to rest and prioritize. Then by the weekend, you feel better again — especially since you’ll get appreciation for all of your hard work.

We’re in the pre-shadow of the upcoming May 19 Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, so it’s important to be extra-careful with communications to avoid misunderstandings . . . and to clear and resolve miscommunications. Electronics may seem to have a mind of their own. A sense of humor will help with these occurrences.

Doreen is using the Angel Tarot Cards, available at bookstores worldwide in many languages, as well as the app stores for…

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To AIP or not to AIP? To GAPS or not to GAPS? To paleo or not paleo?

As the title states, my mind goes crazy trying to find a connection between my son’s slow progress with his Ulcerative Colitis and the food we eat.

Recently I have been going through all the major healing diets:

1. Wahls – Dr Wahls healed her secondary progressive multiple sclerosis with an adapted GAPS/SCD diet which included rice, limited meat to once a day, favored raw food (salads) and included  beans.

2. Paleo – as we know eliminate grains. dairy and legumes

3. GAPS – based on broth/soup allows home fermented yogurts

4. SCD- Specific Carbohydrates Diet (similar to GAPS but different timing for intro).

5. AIP – Autoimmune protocol eliminates also night shades, nuts and seeds and eggs.

What do the above diets have in common:

1. all of them avoid grains

2. More or less all avoid diary

The problem I face now is to customize a diet to suit my IBD son’s needs. It is apparent that he still is not progressing fast on the healing path. Therefore IO see the need to trial other food elimination.

I am tempted now to try a version of AIP, to cut down the night shades and nuts and to completely avoid dairy for 6 weeks.

So, for now, our diet will look like this:

3 days on strict GAPS intro (all stock/soups, boiled ,eat and vegetables)

Then transition to kind of an AIP which will look like this:

-no grains (sort of) except rice in reasonable amounts

-no dairy for 6 weeks then test home made yogurt from goat milk

-no nuts

-no night shades: tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum, eggplant

– still cannot decide if I take out egg or not.

That’s the plan for now! Tomorrow is another day.

Light and blessings