Getting rid of LEAD


There is no one easy answer for lead detox (or for any heavy metal detox for that matter). The majority of people will look for a quick fix, like taking a pill for a week or two and bang! Perfect health. As much as we’d like that to happen that’s never the case. The symptoms of lead poisoning (and heavy metal poisoning in general) appear because of the chronic lead exposure. Therefore, what we see/feel is almost always the compounded effect of the exposure to poisons and chemicals, lifestyle, stress and nutrition.

This is the reason why I’m not a huge fan of chelation protocols to get rid of lead and other heavy metals. The process is fairly fast but it can be quite dangerous if it is not done properly. And when you do it properly it actually becomes very slow because you start the chelating agent (DMSA, ALA, Gluthatione, Chlorella, coriander – very dangerous in large quantities if you don’t take a binding agent, Zeolite, etc) at very low doses and alternate the times you take it with rest times when you replete lost minerals.

The only way to do this is through a body chemistry balancing program including:

  • Sauna (sweating appears to be the fastest way to take any toxins out because the skin is the largest excretory organ of the body)
  • sun light (Vit D is invaluable in any recovery program as it helps a huge number of processes in the body and most of us are Vit D chronically depleted) + Vit D supplements (D3 – 1000 to 4000 a day, consult your health care specialist for that)
  • exercising every day hard enough to sweat deeply but gentle enough to keep your body from becoming overwhelmed (for detoxing is probably best to do physiological exercising like walking or working in the garden)
  • diet – That’s a subject for a full article. For short, when your body is poisoned with lead or other heavy metals (because one poisoning almost never comes by itself. It is rather the process of compounding a few toxins) you get food sensitivities. The food sensitivities differ from one to another therefore is your detective job to pinpoint them and avoid these foods for the time being until the body recovers. As a general rule, a paleo-ish diet is best as it avoids all major irritants and all the processed food. My advice on the matter is to find a few restaurant foods and/or processed foods that are border line but not to bad and stick with these  in times when you cannot take “paleo” anymore or the frustration of not being able to sustain it. A full discussion on the diet/nutrition and frustration that comes with specific diets will follow in another post.
  • proper rest – I don’t know why we take sleep and fun activities for granted (as optional I mean). The body is a wise machine that has the ability to repair itself given a few things are in place: good nutritious food as fuel, exercising to maintain muscles and enough quality rest. I’m not going to talk now about how to rest or get good quality sleep because there are hundreds of books and articles on this. I would suggest you start paying more attention to the needs of your body even if that sounds crazy (like sleeping 9-10 hours a night to feel rested enough).
  • Nutritional supplements- Here you can play with some of the chelators and definitely you’ll need to supplement a good multi-mineral. At minimum you’l need to take: zinc (as many of the heavy metals compete with it therefore displacing it from the tissues), magnesium (a stressed body – as the heavy metal poisoned one is- eliminate magnesium very fast), selenium, Vit C and Vit E  because the antioxidants work in teams.
  • a separate nutrition side I was looking at it is adding sulfur  group foods into the diet. The sulfur in the body supports gluthatione production (guthatione being the main natural body detoxifier). These foods are: garlic/onion and leek + cabbage/kale/broccoli/cauliflower + free range meat and eggs.

An interesting thing: when I’ve done my son’s hair mineral analysis it came back not only with various high heavy metals but also with low sulfur/zinc/selenium and phosphorus despite of our clean diet and supplementation. That drove me to look for an answer about absorption of nutrients (because he was getting all the goodies already). And unfortunately for my feelings of being “snowed under with responsibilities”, the answer seems to be SOUPS (organic bones soups and broths and vegetable cream soups for increasing vegetables intake). That translates into GAPS or SCD (Specific Carbohydrates Diet) which I was trying to avoid (purely because is so restrictive and time consuming … and at times frustrating to be on this diet).

That’s about all for today.

I wish you all great health and prosperity.



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