Visit to GI at Royal Children Hospital

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I feel so frustrated today. The visit to the Royal Children’s Hospital takes us 6 hours because of the trip involved. We’ve seen the “specialist” and he was good to nothing! I asked about the heavy metal toxicity from the hair tests and he said he doesn’t know what to do with that information. I also asked about the possibility of using Boswellia instead of the standard medication because of 2 reasons:

  1. my IBD son doesn’t tolerate any kind of medication. His body treats it as chemical poisoning and his liver /kidney get affected fast (after a few doses).
  2. In trial studies done on Boswellia (there are a couple of small studies done) the efficacy of Boswellia compared with Sulfasalazine  is superior with far side effects.

The only problem I have is that the studies were done on adults therefore the dosage was adult one. My child is only 9 and I am not comfortable giving him adult dose and I tried to work with the doctor to find a suitable alternative for him. Again the “specialist” was worthless.

Then I investigated the possibility/probability of using the diet (SCD/PALEO or GAPS) to control his symptoms (again went in documented with the research from Rush University). The doctor’s argument against it was “you realize that is not a cure” it might control the symptoms for a month or maybe 6 months but is not a cure. I’m not sure what was the medical “cure” he was proposing there.

All in all he wasn’t against the diet but didn’t want to monitor me to do it.

Last thing, I investigated about the possibility of delivery nutrients through the skin because of the GI tract being impaired (the diagnostic for my son is inconclusive somewhere in between Ulcerative Colitis/ Chron’s). Therefore, in my view it makes sense that he won’t absorb properly vitamins/ minerals from oral supplementation. To sum up I had no success with this approach too (despite of existing evidence for epsom salts baths being good for magnesium absorption through the skin).

I don’t even know why I asked about the link between low Molybdenum and sulfite allergy. He wouldn’t even try to find out if the pathology can test Molybdenum levels.

Bottom line, it is disappointing  to go to the best of the best in children’s health and to hit a wall. I don’t know where to look for an answer because I’m sure there is one.

I wish you all health and happiness.



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