The Journey into juice fasting

 juice - Image courtesy of Apolonia at

Image courtesy of Apolonia at

After studying nutrition for managing disease and reading heaps on books on various ancient healing methods I concluded that fasting seems to speed up the process. No matter if you are trying to cure cancer, diabetes, a chronic condition or just lose weight and get you health on the right track it seems that starting this process with a 3-7-10 days of fasting is a sure recipe to speed up recovery.
There are so many books and articles written on the topic of doing a juice fasting so I thought that is doable and relative easy to stick with it. After all it’s only a 7 days from your life when you are going to avoid eating your normal diet.

As easy as it seems on paper I hit a wall when tried it in the real world. It looks that the all around temptations combined with human primary sense of “instant pleasure” make a dynamic duo. Every single time when I tried it I couldn’t go over the first day. I must confess that I wasn’t trying to overcome major disease just wanted to lose a few extra kilos I shed over the years and to get my health on the best. It was more a preventative method to assure my children will have a mother to nourish them for many years. I am a strong believer in prevention rather than cure as I think the changes you need to make when you are already in the middle of an illness are too dramatic and carry a lot of stress.

After successfully failing many times I found myself in the position of “the seeker”, the “eternal starter” of a better health. After a lot of introspection and self judgmental talk I finally settled with acceptance. I accepted that it is not an easy task to put your health on track by doing a 7-10 days juice fast and I committed to trying various methods to overcome the mental obstacles in achieving my goal. Moreover, I committed to document my trial and error in the hope that other people might benefit from it and make a “turning point” for their health.

The first attempt was to try and focus on what I can have (fruit and vegetable juice, water, clear vegetable soups, fruit smoothies, salad smoothies) and ignore the rest. It worked well until I had to cook and prepare my family’s lunches. The smell of a casserole and the look of the cheese made me break my pact of having a fast. I thought: “tomorrow is another day” I’ll start then. But everyone knows how tomorrow never comes so I kept delaying and delaying.


The very green juices and smoothies I’ve created

The next trial was to have everything ready for delicious juices and start the day with 2 glasses of green juice and have another liter or so ready for when the hunger hits.
What I found very intriguing is not the hunger because the juice manages very well the feeling of hunger but the constant thoughts of solid food that haunt your mind. I started having like a million thoughts an hour about that cheese in the fridge or about the yummy rye rolls in the cupboard. So, what have I done? I stopped all again and reverted to a solid food diet.

The subsequent challenge was to drink first thing in the morning 1.5 liters pure water and then continue as much as I could with juices, many green juices and at some stage during the day having my normal solid food. This attempt was based on the believe that water flushes out toxins from the body and the green drinks provide enzymes, vitamins and protein to the body and hoping that I could stop at some stage eating any solid food for a few days. That seems to work pretty well at least in terms of getting a normal elimination but it still didn’t stop my constant thinking of solid food and eventually at some stage in the afternoon I had “something to eat”.
That particular attempt drove me to thinking that some serious internal introspection is needed. After “being” with myself combined with meditation I have realized that my chakras are quite out of balance. That is not of surprise considering all the environmental, social and media impact. All the negative energy levels surrounding us interfere with the sensible chakra balance.
So, I have started a program of chakra healing (I’m a Reiki healer myself) and attempted to do less which means I tried to do a one day a week juice fast for as long as I need it to feel comfortable with the longer detox.
It worked wonders as one day at a time seems to be more manageable and you still can get some benefit out of it. If no other benefit at least you get to practice your discipline.

Purple shake

Yummy Purple smoothie

After four weeks of full body Reiki and practicing the weekly fast I came across a hypnotherapy tape on overcoming addictions. In an instant I have realized that I am addicted to cooked food so I listened to the tape as well.

The result was I stayed on a 3 days liquid fast with no cravings. How I felt is another story. Because I used smoothies mostly made of fruits I had really bad detox reactions so I mainly managed to do the basic things around the house and to lie down in bed. I also had flu like symptoms which lasted for about 10 days.

The change after the fasting was big; I switched to a gluten free diet (suspecting gluten intolerance), stopped coffee, sugar and alcohol and I lost 5 kg. The kilograms came off in the following 3-4 weeks after the fasting and it was a real surprise as I couldn’t lose a gram no matter what diet or training program I followed.

The 7 days liquid detox is still waiting for me to start it but now, I am much more confident I will be able to do it.

How about you?

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