Recipe 4 Almost raw salad

almost raw saladAs I said in my other posts I found it hard to eat a lot of raw during the winter but this salad satisfied my taste for cooked food while being still nearly raw.




Romanesco Cauliflower


Baby corn

Goat cheese (small piece)


Salt, apple cider vinegar (1 tbs), grape seed oil (2 tbs)


Boil water on the stove. Place in peeled and chopped carrots plus baby corn when the water is boiling. Leave it for 20 seconds and remove them.

Do the same with the remaining vegetables but leave them only 10 seconds (I mean it! Count to 10 and that’s it!).

Put them in a bowl and spread the dressing on top of the salad. Toss the vegetables well into the dressing.

Add chopped goat cheese.

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