Recipe 41 – Red lemonade (sugar free, gaps, paleo, SCD, raw)

I’ve created this lemonade for the special food day at my son’s school as he cannot have any of the “treats” they serve on the day. He had the list of “special foods” and ticked what he wanted on it. On of the items was raspberries drink (a soft drink with sugar and heaps of red dye) and chocolate ring (this one I’m going to make next and post it soon).
The meat pie I just bought it gluten and dairy free (really expensive) because I couldn’t just do all at once.
So here it is:


2 cups raspberries
8 tbs raw honey
3 lemons (juice only)
1.5 glass of water.

Blend all the ingredients well.

Use a strainer to separate the seeds from the mix (they are not really nice when you feel them in your mouth so make sure you don’t skip this step).

Then fill about ¼ bottle with this mix and complete it with filtered water or natural mineral water.

Refrigerate the rest for 2-3 more days (if you can hide it from kids).

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