Recipe 46 – SCD/GAPS Yogurt


Yogurt is a staple of our kitchen because of my son’s restricted diet so I make a few batches every week.
Recently I discovered the book “Nourishing Traditions” and found even more homemade recipes for kefir and other fermented milk.

1 liter organic raw milk
2 tbs good organic yogurt (like Jalna)

Heat the milk to about 40 C (you can put your finger in it, it’s a bit warmer than room temperature)
In a separate bowl put 2 tbs of yogurt and mix it with few tbs of milk.
Pour this mix equally in each jar then fill with the warm milk. Leave it half an hour or so to cool down to the room temperature then turn it on.
Leave it 24 hours if you want to avoid lactose/casein or 12 hours if you don’t.
Allow it to cool down before refrigerating.

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