Recipe 49 – Banana ice cream

(dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, egg free, soy free, raw, vegan, paleo, SCD, GAPS)

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The easiest recipe ever … and is so yummy! This recipe is a winner with my family, even my husband (who doesn’t eat bananas) loves it.
It doesn’t taste like banana at all and the texture is just perfect.
I’ll experiment a few variations for color and crunchiness and I’ll keep you posted with the results. But for now … this is my winner:

Ice cream:
3-6 very ripe bananas

Chocolate sauce:
Half of an 85% dark chocolate bar (or you can use 3 tbs cacao + 2 tbs melted cocoa butter)
2 tbs agave nectar or honey
2-4 tbs almond milk (or water)

Peel bananas and chop them into pieces. Freeze them for 2 hours.
In a food processor, a process banana very well until the texture is ice-cream.

For the sauce:
In a double boiler melt the chocolate add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

Scoop the ice cream and place it in serving bowls and drizzle it with chocolate sauce.

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