Recipe 51 – Piadins with polenta (almost gluten free – uses Spelt and GF)


This my recipe for recycling polenta. If you have any left over polenta from the night before you can transform it into these tasty piadins.

I adapted recipe from (it’s a Romanian site by the way).

Ingredients are very easy:

-polenta from the night before

-gluten free flour with raising agent – as needed

– Spelt flour (1/2 cup) (I was afraid to try only gluten free flour but feel free to experiment).


break polenta into small pieces (make sure you cut any hard pieces, crusts, etc) then add generously gluten free flour and knead.

It takes some time as you have to mix flour and polenta well and knead it vigorously. Add the spelt and continue to knead until you get a nice dough ball.

Divide it into equal small balls.

Place a frying pan (with no oil or only with a spray of olive oil … but works well with no oil) on the stove and heat it up.

In the mean time start rolling the little balls until you get nice flat wrap like piadins.

When the pan is hot start frying them (2-3 mins each side or until they are done).

These piadins are a favorite for my family. You can eat them plain or dipped into salsa or other dip.

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