Recipe 6 – Chocolate and strawberry pizza GF DF SF

 –gluten free- reduced grains, dairy free, sugar free-

The idea of this dessert came to me because I was nostalgic thinking of some apple and ice cream pizza that I ate some time ago when I was still eating gluten.

The result is nothing but lovable and it disappeared fast from the plate.

So, here it is before I forget.



1 free range egg

10 tbs almond meal

2 heaped tbs organic brown rice flour

3 tsp stevia powder

2 tbs melted coconut butter

1 tbs chia

1 heaped tsp xantan gum (gluten free)


½ unsweetened dark 70% chocolate (dairy and gluten free and preferably organic)

½ cup organic soy milk

1-3 raw honey (depending on your taste)

2 tbs melted coconut butter

2 tbs nuttelex (dairy free spread)


Chopped banana

Chopped strawberry


Preheat the oven to 140 degrees (fan forced).

Place the wet ingredients in a bowl and mix them well. Then start adding one by one: rice flour, almond flour, coconut oil, stevia, xantam gum (after this stir and mix very well) and last chia. Please note that it is important to add xantan gum and chia last.

Put the batter into pre-papered and oiled round trays (I managed to get 2 medium pizza bases from this recipe). Then you have to spread it uniformly and press it nicely with a spoon or a spatula. Remember that the ingredients used don’t work as normal flour so don’t be frustrated and use some patience to spread it evenly.

 pizza base

Put it in the oven and lower the temperature to 120 degrees.

In the meantime, in a double boiler put the chocolate, coconut oil, soy milk and dairy free spread and mix a few minutes until everything is liquid and homogenous.

Put it aside for few minutes to cool down and add the honey (heat will destroy the enzymes). Mix well and then put it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

choco cream

Now you can chop the fruits into nice, even slices.

Take the pizza base from the oven and let it cool. Then spread the chocolate cream onto it and put the fruits topping.

              pizza choco flower                happy face 3

Then take a photo of it and enjoy the pizza!

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