Living on Purpose

Folks from all walks of life share the internal burning desire to find and live their life purpose. People’s need to live on purpose for keeping a healthy psychic is as vital as food is for their biological systems. Even if they don’t recognized this need with the conscious mind there are many messages coming in the form of dreams, intuition or just an un-ease feeling of not having a clear direction.

Recently a study done by RushUniversityMedicalCenter showed that:

“Greater purpose in life may help keep at bay the harmful effects of plaques and tangles associated with Alzheimer’s disease.”

Purpose gives you a strong sense of direction, keeps you focused from distractions and sharpens your vision from day to day. Your life takes on a fresh meaning and you gain a greater sense of responsibility when you live on purpose. But how do we get to live on purpose?

Before answering that question there are some obstacles that might prevent you from living on purpose. Those blocks need to be addressed before attempting any finding or living on purpose because they will stop your progress before even starting.

One of the primary barriers is being Judgmental, which means you tend to adopt a righteous position in many circumstances. It is nothing wrong to feel you are right in one situation, especially if the facts call it but feeling righteous in regards to just about everything will prevent you from accepting new truths.

The Full Cup Syndrome is another difficult state of mind when you want to open to the purpose of your life. That is probably very common among people who studied and trained a lot and feel that nothing new can be added to their knowledge. “You cannot fill a full cup” it’s one of the lines in Avatar and it summarizes what the Full Cup Syndrome is and how it affects your learning steps when you start on the purpose finding path.

There is also the Inner Chat of the Monkey in the mind, Biases, Living in the Future or Past Syndrome.

As a Reiki practitioner I encounter people from all walks of life everyday and I feel their need to live on purpose. Understanding the obstacles to finding our life purpose will help us focus on the answer to overcome them and live a life of purpose



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