Cancer Is A Metabolic Disease

I update and re blog again this information as it can save lives.

As I knew, if someone cures cancer but doesn’t change his lifestyle it’s very probably that the cancer will appear somewhere else in the body (there is a  whole lot of research on that). This piece of information is just confirming what I knew … that the food we eat is killing us slowly.

I don’t have any close family with this disease but I’ve always felt drawn to this subject. It just fascinate me as I’m a firm believer that the cancer cure is free and handy to any of us. We just try live a healthy life in an extremely food poison world. The sad reality is that the food we eat is really changing the metabolic processes in our bodies. As a result more and more people get cancer.

I’ve lost a dear friend to cancer few years ago … a mum of young children … and that sad reality is still following me everyday, everywhere.

I hope this info might help some people. I will try to read the book as well and check the other references and I will blog my opinion.


Cancer Is A Metabolic Disease.


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